We are so excited!!!

The 2014 Rebel-Trojan All-In Mock Trial Tournament is the fifth year of the first ever American Mock Trial Association format trial advocacy competition to come to Las Vegas.

As is only proper, the tournament will take place at the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law. The University of Southern California Mock Trial Team, a west coast trial advocacy power-program, is co-hosting.

The Competition Case

THIS YEAR, the students will present either the Prosecution or Defense side in the criminal case of State of Midlands v. Bowman.

On August 30, 2012, a daring robbery occurred at Racheter World Amusement Park in Midlands. Following the robbery, security officers chased a suspect through the park. During that chase, an attendee at the park was badly injured and is currently in a coma at Midlands General Hospital. The robber who was being chased through the park escaped and remains at large. Police, however, have arrested Whitt Bowman, a park employee whom they believe took part in the commission of the crime.

The district attorney's office has investigated, and criminal charges have been filed: Robbery in the First Degree; and Theft by Deception.

*** We welcome practitioners and judges with civil and/or criminal experience.